Visit the Marble Mountains

The modern and vibrant Danang is one of the fastest developing cities in Vietnam, from a small trading port in 16th century it has grown to a large shipbuilding and popular international port of the country. The Ngu Hanh Son, or Marble Mountains, is one of the best well-known places in Danang, it is home of millions of white sculptures of Buddha and other religious symbols.


Marble Mountains are a cluster of five hills, made out of limestone and marble. Over the centuries, the Marble Mountains were used as a safe haven for soldiers and a worshipping place for Buddhist followers. Today it is one of the most popular attractions in the city! The mountains feature limestone caves, temples, tunnels and peaks offering absolutely spectacular views over the entire area.


Lays at the foot of the mountains is Non Nuoc village, which is famous for its stone carvings. Here you can see examples of intricate stonework at any roadside workshops, if you are after some souvenirs then it is a good idea to visit a workshop after exploring the mountains.