Seaplane to Halong Bay

As a local legend goes, once upon a time when Vietnam was attacked from the sea, the Jade Emperor sent a family of dragons to help the Vietnamese fight against their invaders. Those dragons flew down upon to where is now Halong Bay and spat out countless jades into the Gulf of Tonkin, which turned into a myriad of jade islands linking together to form a barrier against the invaders that helped the Vietnamese defend their land. Therefore, the area where the dragons landed has been called Halong Bay, meaning “bay of descending Dragons”.


Recently, scenic seaplane flights between Hanoi and the “bay of descending Dragons” have become an exclusive travel experience in northern Vietnam, offering exhilarant “like dragons” moments to every Halong Bay tour. In fact, a seaplane ride is the best way to get the most out of the Red River Delta and the seascape of Halong Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


A Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX seaplane is being operated for both join and charter daily flights between Hanoi and Halong Bay, its 12 elegant seats designed next to large windows. You will be able to fully absorb scenery outside with no obstacles, especially the limestone islands right below your seaplane. The flight takes 45 minutes, and may include a 15 minute-scenic flight on the top before landing on the water of Halong Bay.


Boat options for an overnight cruise to explore Halong Bay are abundant, and it’s various from a private charter to join-boats such as the Violet, Jasmine, Paradise and Hera cruises. They all offer both one-night and two-night trips, featuring incredible cruising through the forest-clad limestone formations, kayaking, fishing villages and cave explorations.