Making Lantern and Cycling

Colorful lanterns represent happiness and celebration in Hoi An, they help make the little town more charming and attractive. The colors also bring good fortune and good energy. If you happen to be in this lovely town on the 14th day of any lunar month, you will be treated to Hoi An’s full moon lantern festival. 


The festival is an age-old tradition that sees the entire old town shut off electricity to transform into magical candles, multi-colored lanterns and lively gatherings. People in Hoi An light up lanterns, offer fruits and flowers, burn incense outside homes on the night of the full moon to honor their ancestors and ask for good luck and prosperity.


The making of colorful silk lanterns is a traditional handicraft and an essential part of Hoi An culture. Meet a local artisan, who was born in a traditional lantern making family, to get inspired and learn how to make those lanterns by hands. The artisan inherits valuable skills of making lanterns from his father, and he is now happy to share with us. Chat with him for a brief introduction about lanterns in Hoi An, then learn to make your own lantern and take it home as a souvenir.



Afterward, depart Hoi An for a 3km (2mi) leisurely boat ride along the Thu Bon River to Cam Kim Island. Hop off the boat for bicycle, and start cycling 10km (6mi) through winding village roads while enjoying the idyllic countryside scenery. Visit the peaceful village of Tra Nhieu, which retains many typical features of Vietnamese farmer life including rice growing, livestock breeding, fishing and mat weaving.


Along the way, visit homes of some local families to appreciate the local life, see how rice noodles or rice paper are made. Continue onto a scenic water coconut forest, where you can try your hand at rowing the unique Vietnamese round bamboo basket boats before returning to your hotel.