Life on Phu Quoc Island


  • Ham Ninh Village


Explore the daily life of local fishermen by vising Ham Ninh Village, a picturesque fishing village on the eastern shore of Phu Quoc Island. The main sources of income of the people in Ham Ninh include fishing, diving for pears and sea cucumbers. Stretching far out to the sea from the village is the pier called Bai Vong, where cargo boats come with household items from the mainland every early morning.



  • Pepper Plantations


Vietnam is the largest producer and leading exporter of black pepper in the world, the best quality harvest comes from Phu Quoc Island. Black pepper farms can be seen all over the central and northern parts of the island, local growers are extremely friendly and welcoming. If you are interested in Vietnamese cuisine and the ingredient, you will learn in detail about pepper visiting a farm.



  • Phu Quoc National Park


Covers more than half of Phu Quoc Island’s northern region, the national park is accessible via Ganh Dau Village. The park is where you can go for camping, hiking and bird-watching. Rare wildlife are often spotted here, such as long-tailed macaques, otters, silver langurs, hornbills, and slow lories.


  • Fish Sauce Factories


Phu Quoc Island is famous for its production of high quality and rich protein fish sauce, which is an important part of every Vietnamese family’s meal. Fish sauce is made from combining anchovies, salt, water. All fermented through various stages from six months to a year before being drained from the large barrels into grades, the quality is also various from the top lighter colored sauce for dipping to the basic cooking sauce.


The island is home to nearly 100 factories, visit one of the factories and see how black anchovies caught from the crystal waters off Phu Quoc Island make that unique flavor.