Kayak in Lan Ha Bay

Located in the far southern end of Halong archipelago, Lan Ha Bay is technically a water area of Cat Ba National Park which is administered by another province. The bay is extremely spectacular with abundant tranquil lagoons, small beaches and hundreds of limestone islands. To local travel specialists, Halong Bay has become too busy with tourist boats, while Lan Ha Bay is still limiting its list of visitors with few kayakers who come on smaller boats.



It is ideal to experience Lan Ha Bay by spending at least two nights on a wooden boat, which allows you to cruise, kayak and relax in the quieter area of this UNESCO World Heritage listed-bay. A private charter boat gives even more privacy, flexible cruising route and more relaxed experience.


Lan Ha Bay boasts so many places which are famous for clear waters and beautiful limestone formations, such as Ho Ba Ham (Three Tunnels Lakes), Hang Doi (Bat Cave) and Ba Trai Dao (Three Peach Islands). The bay is also home of the golden-headed langur (Cat Ba Langur), which lives on limestone islands in Cat Ba National Park, hence its common name "Cat Ba Langur". It is among the rarest primates in the world, with population size estimated at less than 70 individuals.