Home Based Water Puppet

We believe that the best way to enhance your travel experience in Hanoi is to engage with local experts in the history, culture, fine arts, and cuisine. To bring you a good moment with an expert in Vietnam’s water puppet, I would like to introduce artist Phan Thanh Liem to you.


Follow your guide to visit Mr. Phan Thanh Liem’s home, chat with him to learn about his family life and his water puppet talents. Here you will know everything about Vietnam’s water puppets.


Famous water puppet artist Phan Van Ngai, Liem’s father, devoted his whole life for water puppetry in Vietnam. He was the one who brought water puppets from village’s ponds into theaters. And that creation is now being well used in all water puppet theaters, he is also the creator of Chu Teu (the M.C) which is now being displayed in Louvre Museum in France. He was also the first in Vietnam to form the very first private water puppet incorporation named Song Ngoc for doing shows nationwide.


Enjoy a water puppet show by Liem and his wife, in a flooded stage on the 4th floor of his house - made to look like a village pond, the live show is just for you.