Hanoi Street Eat

Food stands and cafes are everywhere, on every street corners of Hanoi, and eating on the street is a very typical activity for Hanoians which makes up an important part of the city’s one thousand years old history. Enjoy strolling the bustling alleys and lanes of the Old Quarter, savor some delicacies and regional specialties in favorite local spots is such an exciting Hanoi experience.


Eat Hanoi street food like a local, meet and hit the streets with your foodie guide to begin your Hanoi Street Food Tour. Walk to the Old Quarter of Hanoi, where it perfectly depicts daily life of the city with hundreds of varieties of food, vegetable and colorful flowers. Exploring the wet market, and winding through narrow alleys to sample delicious Pho Bo, beef noodle soup - one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes. A bowl of Pho Bo consists of broth, rice noodle, beef, a few herbs, and vinegar or fresh limes. That sounds great already!


Stroll along Hang Be market and the bustling Ta Hien street, take in all the amazing scenes of shops, restaurants, cafes, street venders, hundreds of motorbikes, boutique hotels, cars, plastic stools… all smoothly combining like what it is on everyday life. Visit a local shop selling traditional cakes from the north of Vietnam, sample the most famous of which – the sweeten young-rice cake.


Stop at a three-generation-running restaurant for a lunch of Bun Cha and crab spring roll, here you can see how the family members prepare their signature but only dish. Then, Banh Cuon, or steamed rice paper rolls, are next on the menu before venturing down yet more narrow lanes to reach Hanoi’s main Dong Xuan whole sale market. Try some bites of Banh Mi, Vietnamese sandwich before heading to Caphe Giang, a popular but hidden spot, to finish your tour with a Hanoi’s egg coffee.


If coffee is not your thing, then cap off the tour by having other traditional Vietnamese desserts, such as sweet tapioca pearls, sweet lotus seeds soup, or ice-creams at a local ice-cream factory.


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