Cycling Through Villages

The countryside of Ninh Binh is where travelers come to find peace in a tranquil atmosphere, the province boasts farming villages and scenic landscape that offers great leisure cycling experience. Though it is only two hours driving from the capital Hanoi, the area is still primitive as ever, it remains an attractive destination for local and discerning travelers.


A side of a bamboo basket boat ride to see Van Long Nature Reserve, the overland equivalent of Halong Bay with imposing cliffs and mountains and vast ponds which form a stunning scene. A cycling tour through villages will bring you to the local people and offer opportunity to learn about their daily life.


Imagine a leisure cycling to Ngo Dong village, Van village and visiting a local market in Gia Phu Commune where we can talk to many locals. Then pass-by limestone mountains whose names are associated with interesting things, such as Meo Cao (scratching cat), Mam Xoi (tray of sticky rice), Hom Sach (box of books) and Da Ban (slate). And one of the most interesting place is the island of the storks at the sunset, a submerged forest lying in an area of reed trees.