Bac Ha Hill Tribes Market

Located about three hour-drive to the east of Sapa Town and two hours from the train station in Lao Cai City, the Sunday Bac Ha Market is known as the largest and most well-known ethnic market in the mountains of North Vietnam.


This fascinating market on every Sunday morning is the meeting point for many different ethnic minority living in the area, such as Flower H’mong, Black H’mong, Green H’mong, Red H’mong, Black Dao, Red Dao, Phu La, Tay, and Nung people. Each of those ethnic minority people come to the market dressing their own traditional costume, that makes Bac Ha Market an enchanting destination.



The whole town is at rest during the week, and wake up with full energy of different colorfully dressed ethnic minority from dawn on Sunday. The best time to see Bac Ha Market is before 11am, when all the local ethnic are still there and buying goods and eating the foods that they have waited for the whole week.


While you are in Bac Ha Maket, try some “ruou ngo” – which is famous corn wine of the H’mong people. Hundreds of other local products are, of cause, being displayed all over the market, you can see indigo, brocades, hemp clothes, lacquered items, and foods at every corner of the market with a big smile of the hill tribes.