Sapa is a well-known mountain town in the northwest of Vietnam, and a charming vestige of the French colonists. The mountains and valleys around Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities such as Black H’mong, Red Dao and Giay People. The area is also famous for colorful weekly markets, which are the focal points for ethnic hill tribes to meet friends, exchange goods, eat, and even indulge in some of the locally brewed spirits - which is well known as “ruou ngo” or corn wine.


A visit to Sapa takes in its panoramic mountain views and the cultural attractions, including hiking through rice terraces, visiting tribe villages and interacting with ethnic groups, and joining a market where the locals from their isolated homes hike for miles on mountaintop cornfields to come.

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Ideas for experiencing Sapa

Red Dao Hill Tribe in Sapa

Though the origin of the Red Dao in northern Vietnam is uncertain, anthropologists believe that they arrived from China since 13th century. Red Dao women wear some of the most colorful and diverse costumes of all ethnic groups.

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Bac Ha Hill Tribes Market

This fascinating market on every Sunday morning is the meeting point for many different ethnic minority living in the area, such as Flower H’mong, Black H’mong, Green H’mong, Red H’mong, Black Dao, Red Dao, Phu La, Tay, and Nung people.

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Explore the Villages of H’mong Hill Tribe

Roughly 95% of the H’mong live in Asia, there are about 1,2 millions H’mong living in Vietnam, mostly settling in the northern mountains such as Sapa. Black H’mong is one of several sub-groups, including Green H’mong and Flower H’mong

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