Featuring a long coastline with the Gulf of Tonkin and two river deltas, Vietnam is presenting an array of rewarding experiences on its waterways. From the stunning limestone formations of Halong Bay in the north, to the peaceful riverside villages and the dynamic floating markets of the Mekong River Delta in the South. You can always find a touch of charm and luxury at a tranquil pace.

Boats & Ships Recommended by Our Experts


The most luxurious vessel in Lan Ha Bay, a tranquil part in the southwest of the world famous Halong archipelago. With only 12 luxurious suites, Ginger well places itself in all luxury Vietnam tours exploring the northern Vietnam.

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Hera Cruise

This freshly launched boat is a high-end wooden junk, truly a luxurious cruise for a lifetime experience in Halong Bay. Constructed in 2016 as a traditional Vietnamese wooden boat, Hera Cruise features eleven spacious

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Paradise Peak

Launched in 2012 as a traditional Vietnamese wooden junk (wooden boat) with eight elegant suites, Paradise Peak quickly got its reputation as a luxurious Halong Bay cruise. Its passengers enjoy excellent customer

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Bassac Cruise

Bassac Cruise is a team of three wooden boats, offering enchanting cruise experiences on its journeys between Cai Be and Can Tho. Keep up with the tradition of the region’s rice barges, the elegantly crafted Bassac boats bring

Explore the Mekong with Bassac Cruise >

Paradise Luxury Cruise

Paradise Luxury Cruise is the name of 4 wooden luxury boats belonging to a bigger fleet of Paradise Cruise, which also owns the Paradise Peak, Elegance and Explorers. They are among the most luxurious cruises available in Halong Bay.

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Bhaya Legend Private Cruise

Bhaya Legend Private Cruise is a fleet of small boats, from 1 to 3 cabins each, offering boutique experience cruises in Halong Bay. It is a perfect name for a cruise charter, both 1 or 2-night itineraries.

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Au Co Cruise

Featuring over 55 meters in length, the Au Co offers guests with plenty of space. Especially, each cabin on the boat was decorated in a traditional Vietnamese style and designed along Feng Shui principles

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Violet Cruise

Violet Cruise is a wooden junk in Halong Bay, it’s known as one of the most luxurious boats in the area. With just 6 luxurious cabins, this cruise gives you an exclusive look at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay.

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Jasmine Cruise

Jasmine Cruise is a 23 cabins wooden junk in Halong Bay, built in the style of a traditional Vietnamese boat with three tawny sails and dark wood-cladding. The cruise is one of the most luxurious boats in the area.

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