Honeymoon in Vietnam

Achieved a great progress in economy since after the wars, Vietnam is now getting its fame for a peaceful country and its very friendly people, especially being a great destination for honeymooners. The country is featuring 3,200km (1,988 miles) coast line, nearly 3000 islands and 125 beaches with nice resorts, you can find tranquil beach and blue sky in almost everywhere in Vietnam.


In this article, I am writing about some ideas combining must-see places with cultural activities in cities for a fascinating honeymoon vacation in Vietnam.



Good Morning Hanoi


A city tour will give you great highlights of this fascinating capital city of Vietnam, learn about its history and cultures in your visits to museums and Buddhism temples. But an early rise to leave your hotel at around 5h30am for the good morning Hanoi tour will give you a very different prospect to the city. You will see many Hanoians enjoying their morning excersise, taichi and badminton along the sidewalks and lake shores.


During the tour you will be taken around on a cyclo, which is the best way to get a sense of what it’s like to live in the city. Part of the experience is watching the flag-raising ceremony, a national ritual that’s conducted every morning in front of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Ba Dinh Square.


Quang Ba Flower Market, Hanoi


One of the highlight is the Quang Ba flower market, where fresh flowers of all kinds are brought to the market by famers. Your tour guide would love to show you the best place to get some roses before heading back to your hotel.



Street Food Tour in Hanoi


Hanoi has been known as the capital of Vietnam since 1010, this capital city is not only the cultural center of the country but also the cradle of Vietnamese food. The city is now famous for its street food, and a Hanoi street food tour is not only about food, it’s also about showing you the hidden corners and the spirit that make the Hanoi’s Old Quarter a charming place.


Bun Cha, 25 Gia Ngu Street, Hanoi


By walking along the narrow streets and food markets, you will experience the city like a local people making their way to their favorite places.


As such, the tour provide an intimate knowledge of best places to eat and most interesting markets to explore, as well as the history of local cuisines.



Have Dinner with a Musician Family in Hanoi’s Old Quarter


Meet with an interesting family living in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, enjoy a home cooked dinner and learn about Vietnamese traditional music from your host.


Dinner at Musician Khanh's home, Hanoi


Musician Pham Chi Khanh is well-known as a traditional instrument maker and player, he has been promoting traditional music for nearly 40 years. As a part of the experience, Khanh and his daughter will perform some of the famous Vietnamese fold songs and talk about instruments being displayed around their house.



Be a Famer in Hoi An


Vietnam is known as a wet rice growing country for the last two thousand years, rice paddy fields are seen everywhere in the country. While you are in Vietnam, learn about the dedication Vietnam’s farmers put into working the land. This is a bit unusual honeymoon experience, giving an insight into the rural life in Vietnam and local life in Hoi An.


Farmers on their mint farm, Hoi An

Farmers on their mint and green onion farm, Hoi An


To look like a local, don a famer dress, put on the “non la” (conical hat) before heading to the fields to experience harrowing, harvesting the rice, and grinding it to rice milk.


Part of the experience you will learn to make pancakes and other delicacies, try local fruits and the famous rice wine calls “ruou gao”.



Saigon Vespa Tour


Exploring Saigon by siting behind your Vespa driver, joining the roar of million mopeds in the city, is one of the special experiences in Saigon. It’s not only a feeling of being on a motorbike like the local, but it’s also a way to reach areas that you won’t explore on foot.


It sounds fun like it would be, and it’s actually much safer than it looks. An evening tour would be a great idea, you would be on the back of a Vespa motorbike with a local guide who is taking you on an adventure to small alleys that you would never otherwise find.


The tour includes several stops along the way to sample local foods, so that you would not only enjoy the traffic but also the local cuisines such as the enormous pancake.



Private Dinner on the Beach


Many resorts along the coast of Vietnam is providing wonderful private dining on the beach, which I think it is a classic dash of romance to a honeymoon. Among these, the beach of the Fusion Maia Danang is an ideal place for those wanting a romantic dinner on beach. The resort is also offering breakfast on the beach, which inspire you to enjoy the surroundings of the area peacefully in the morning.


Breakfast on the beach, Fusion Maia Danang


A bit down to the south, the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is famous for providing a private dinner in a cave. Originally used as a wine cellar, the resort has made it an excellent place for honeymooners to have a romantic meal. This Six Senses Resort sits on dramatic Ninh Van Bay, with its impressive rock formations overlooking the sea, sandy beach and towering mountains behind, all adding to the sense of being luxuriously at one with nature.


Romantic dinner by Ninh Van Bay, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay


Another Six Senses, which is lending itself to a romantic vacation, is the Six Senses Con Dao on Con Son Island in the south. Located on a pristine island in Vietnam’s southern archipelago, the resort offers modern comforts in an edge-of-the-world setting. Located on a sandy beach that each of the resort’s rustic 50 pool villas has its own pool, with sun loungers and a private pathway down to the sand.


Beach Front Villa, Six Senses Con Dao


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Best time for Honeymoon in Vietnam


With such a long coast line, Vietnam is really a year-round destination for honeymooners. During the high season from February to September, it is hot and humid across the country except the mountains of Sapa in the north. I would recommend to come for honeymoon in Vietnam any time between March and August, when it is pretty much guarantee great weather through the country.