Mango Bay Resort

Mango Bay Resort occupies a vast tract of largely unspoiled rocky coast that boasts a couple of picturesque small coves for swimming. Its low impact bungalows are sparsely set throughout the generous grounds. It’s a genuine escape and all guests have plenty of access to the vast stretch of beautiful, untouched, rocky coastline.


In true beach resort style, you’ll find rooms and bungalows throughout lush gardens that lead right to the beach, with zig-zagging pathways connecting the dots. You’re only ever a couple of minutes from a dip in the sea, which is high on the list of priorities at this getaway. You’re definitely amongst nature here, due to the eco vibe there’s no air con, some showers are partially open to the elements and you might get the odd friendly insect paying you a visit.



Mango Bay boasts of its ecofriendly credentials. In-room power consumption by guests is mandatorily limited by the single electrical appliance - the light. Hot water is solar powered. The newest rooms are made of rammed earth which is touted by the owners as both an environmentally sustainable and attractive building material. The 44 bungalows come in a range of categories - all spartan but tasteful and built with local materials. The lead-in bungalows are 35sqm and all have balconies.





Located in Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc Island, 9 km from Bai Sao. It is 10 km from Duong Dong Market in the city center and Phu Quoc Domestic Airport.





Naturally much of the food is Vietnamese, with ingredients where possible being sourced from Phu Quoc. Vietnamese street food favorites make the menu. Thai food is also a hit here, with a number of Thai curries battling for menu space.


The restaurant’s food and prices are good, though the range of options is limited for those staying longer than a few days. Bo and Chen Sea Resorts are reasonably close by for those needing a menu change but you'll need to be ready to jump on a motorbike or wait 20 minutes for a cab. There are some other smaller restaurants just outside too.





There is a spa offering a range of massages and beauty treatments. The hotel holds daily, complimentary yoga classes on the beach. Snorkels, kayaks and canoes are available for hire and cooking classes and boat trips can be arranged upon request

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