Woven Silks of Laos

Came to Laos in 1989 as an American textile expert, Carol Cassidy discovered a “weaver’s paradise” in Laos - a country with a rich history of weaving and an elaborate vocabulary of design motifs. A year later, Carol founded Lao Textiles where she blends her own artistry with ancient local techniques and traditions to create contemporary woven art.


Specializing in 100 percent hand-woven silk, Carol and the 40 Lao artisans she employs produce exquisitely crafted wall hangings, scarves, shawls and custom furnishing fabrics. The team of predominantly female weavers use hybrid looms, which Carol designed herself, to produce intricate brocade, ikat and tapestry textiles. The hand-crafted pieces are labors of love. Wall hangings often take four months to complete; on the most complex designs only two centimeters are woven per day.



Located in a beautiful old French colonial house in Vientiane, the workshop is set up more as a gallery and work studio than as a shop. Here you can see the weavers working, learn about ancient technique Laos weaving, and also about the everyday life of the skilled weavers.


If you have interest in silk, weaving, textiles or handmade goods you should visit Carol’s Lao Textiles workshop. There are dyed silk drying, the finished hangings, scarves and pillows. And if Carol is here, she would love to give you a tour. She is so passionate about her work and what she has done here, especially she loves to share her enthusiasm and knowledge.