Boat Trip to Pak Ou Caves

Mekong River is the life blood of the Laos, especially for the rural villages along the banks which rely on it for both transportation and fishing. A boat trip on this famous river up to the Pak Ou Caves is the perfect way to experience the heart of this magical land, and admire the verdant countryside of northern Laos.


Board a small boat for your private adventure on the meandering Mekong River, an ideal introduction on the river that runs through Laos. Along the way, watch fishermen hauling their nets whilst herds of buffalo graze along the shoreline. Enjoy the idyllic scenes of rural riverside life and spectacular scenery until reaching Pak Ou Caves, which locates amongst the limestone cliffs where the Mekong and Nam Our rivers meet. Pak Ou Caves include Tham Ting and Tham Theung, both filled with thousands of Buddha statues and images for centuries.



Visit Ban Xang Hai village, also known as the “Whiskey Village”, where you can see the process of making “Lao Lao” (Lao whisky). Along with Beerlao, Lao-Lao is a staple drink in Laos. It’s impressive how rudimentary and traditional the method is, the locals are still using an open fire and earthen jars to make their wine. Stroll around the village to browse the stands selling bottles of local whiskey and also textiles before heading back to your hotel.