Though being a small country with a population of less than 7 millions people, Laos offers diverse scenery and rich culture with many activities awaiting you to experience. While taking part in the daily morning alms-giving in Luang Prabang is a great step into Laos’ sacred traditions, a journey along the famous Nam Ou River will give you opportunities to meet local hill tribes and explore limestone cliffs. Of cause, you can’t miss the UNESCO site of Wat Phou, cruise or cycle around the picturesque 4,000 islands region in the southern Laos.

Ideas for experiencing Laos

To be welcomed into a local home is an incredible gift, the gift that we’ve received many times through our travels. We want to share the gift with, and show you the authentic ways to get to know Laos on every journey you take with us!

Explore Pakse & Don Daeng

Located at the meeting point of the Se Don and Mekong Rivers, Pakse is the provincial capital of Champasak and a former French outpost. Visitors will find the French influence on the architecture and culture, and a relax atmosphere in this charming riverside city.

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Wat Phou Temple

Wat Phou is a famous ruins of Hindu temple with stunning hilltop views over the Mekong River in Champasak. Travelers visiting the site will be amazed by the magnificent workmanship of this long lost complex in the form of temple pillars, shrines and palaces.

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Vientiane’s Night Market

Located on the banks of the Mekong River, Vientiane is the largest city and the capital of Laos. The open air night market, that opens every day from the sunset, offers a great atmosphere and opportunities to bring home with authentic Lao souvenirs.

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Woven Silks of Laos

Located in a beautiful old French colonial house, the workshop is set up more as a work studio than as a shop. Here you can see the weavers working, learn about ancient technique Laos weaving, and also about the everyday life of the skilled weavers.

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Boat Trip to Pak Ou Caves

Mekong River is the life blood of the Laos, especially for the rural villages along its banks. A boat trip on this famous river up to the Pak Ou Caves is the perfect way to experience the heart of this magical land, and admire the verdant countryside of northern Laos.

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Luang Prabang City Tour

Luang Prabang is famous for its Buddhist temples and laid-back atmosphere. A sightseeing tour in this little charming town unveils its cultural attractions including museums, important temples and the unique blend of French colonial and traditional Lao architecture.

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Vientiane City Tour

A city tour in Vientiane provides a comprehensive insight into this laid-back capital of Laos, exploring different highlights of the city including gilded temples and the country’s important monuments such as Pha That Luang and the Presidential Palace.

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Baci Welcome Ceremony

Literally translates as “calling of the soul”, the ceremony is held on important occasions related to the human soul such as marriage, birth of a child, recovery from sickness, seeking cure for any type of ill health and to welcome or honor important guests.

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