Champasak is exceptionally serene and capturing the imagination and hearts of every visitor. The pristine well preserved landscapes found in this province often entice travelers to extend beyond their planned stay. Its provincial city of Pakse is Southern Lao’s largest city, home to French colonial-era buildings standing next to traditional Lao wooden houses, where cars still share the streets with buffalo, and the pace of life is very slow even by Lao standards, and herein lays its charm.


The destination has some 20 wats (temples), such as the Angkor-period ruins of Wat Phou, Wat Luang, and Wat Tham Fai. It is also famous for freshwater dolphins and many waterfalls. Travelers arriving in places such as Don Daeng, an island on Mekong River with eight villages and rice fields in the middle, are greeted with car-less streets and welcoming locals. Here fisherman sit weaving their nets, traditional homes on stilts provide shade for pigs and chickens and the rugged streets are yours to explore.

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Explore Pakse & Don Daeng

Located at the meeting point of the Se Don and Mekong Rivers, Pakse is the provincial capital of Champasak and a former French outpost. Visitors will find the French influence on the architecture and culture, and a relax atmosphere in this charming riverside city.

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Wat Phou Temple

Wat Phou is a famous ruins of Hindu temple with stunning hilltop views over the Mekong River in Champasak. Travelers visiting the site will be amazed by the magnificent workmanship of this long lost complex in the form of temple pillars, shrines and palaces.

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