Mekong River, which comes into the land of Laos from China and runs along the sharing border with Myanmar and Thailand, is the lifeblood of Laos. The river is blending deeper into the land to reach Luang Prangbang and stretching to the southern extremities of the country. That create a great cruising route for those who want to discover the beauty of Laos along the magic Mekong river.


In the north you can aboard Laos’ traditional long tail boat and negotiate the shallow waters from the Thai border to the UNESCO site of Luang Prabang. In the south of the country you can aboard a charming converted barge and enjoy a series of amazing waterfalls or stop off at bustling market towns and ancient temples along the way.

Our suggested Laos cruising itineraries

Experience the Mekong River that runs through Laos, appreciate life along the banks and get to know Laos better. As with all our itineraries, treat these as just inspiration for your tailor-made journey.

Boats & Ships Recommended by Our Experts

Vat Phou Cruise

Vat Phou Cruise offers a scenic river journey that starts and finishes in Pakse in the southern Laos. The cruise highlights the majestic UNESCO World Heritage Vat Phou, the mysterious Oum Muong ruins, the 4,000 Islands, and the Phapheng waterfall.

Explore Southern Laos' Mekong on Vat Phou Cruise >

Luang Say Cruise

Luang Say Cruise is travelling from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang, or vice versa. It's simple buts characterful vessels, providing comfortable means of traveling by day and offering fantastic views of the varied scenery along the Mekong River.

Explore Mekong River on Luang Say Cruise >