Laos’ overall topography is hilly and mountainous with thick green forests, especially in the north and northeast. River valleys and an increasingly steep terrain front the mountainous landscape, driving or trekking through Laos is a rewarding experience as you can admire views across rice fields and ethnic minority villages.


The rural landscapes and traditional cultures in Laos make a great destination for families, with many activities such as elephant riding, boat rides and kayaking appealing to all ages. Laos offers luxurious hotels with exceptional service with both colonial style and local authenticity. Our travel guides will help you make the most out of this stunning country.

Ideas for how to explore Laos

Our Guides to Laos share our experts' experiences for traveling Laos, from family travels to luxury Laos tours and honeymoon trips in this traditional and very tranquil country.

Family Travel in Laos

Laos is an authentic Buddhist country in Southeast Asia, the country and its people hold tight to their tradition. Family travel in Laos fulfils every parent’s notion of showing their children how others live happily and modestly

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Luxury Honeymoon in Laos

Laos is the most incredible country in Southeast Asia, you'll find in Laos laid-back lifestyle, sparkling Buddhist temples, and French colonial traces. The beautiful charms of Laos make the country a unique honeymoon destination.

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Luxury Travels in Laos

Due to its unique geography in the region, Laos often gets less notice than its more famous neighbors, and described as “laid back” or “forgotten” country. But Laos has emerged in recent years as a country of significant pockets

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