La Folie Lodge

This gorgeous Siphandon hideaway, owned by a French count, occupies a heavenly spot on an island in the Mekong, facing the UNESCO-listed Vat Phou temple. Transfer is by catamaran. From the jetty, you step into a flower-filled garden enfolding a dozen pretty stilted bungalows with polished wood floors and beautiful Lao silk bedspreads.


La Folie Lodge is one of the most comfortable, atmospheric and stylish places to stay while exploring this remote part of Laos. Perfectly positioned for Wat Phou, the Bolaven Plateau and the 4000 islands.



Rooms come in 3 choices:


Standard Room: Set in lovely wooden bungalows situated in the middle of the tropical garden, the 2 Standard rooms offer approximately 33 square meters of space luxuriously furnished with local materials.


Superior Room: The 23 Superior rooms are all located in wooden bungalows, and offer approximately 37 square meters of space luxuriously furnished with local materials. Each Superior room has its own terrace with stunning views over the Mekong and the sacred hills of Wat Phou.


The Residence: Originally built as the owner’s private villa, La Residence is a two bedroom wooden house built in a colonial style, sitting in its own tropical garden.It offers approximately 160 square meters of living space, as well as a 50 square meters terrace with stunning views of the Mekong and the sacred hills of Wat Phou.





Located on the charming Done Daeng Island, a free car island, part of the Champasak cultural and natural heritage landscape, La Folie Lodge sits along the Mekong River, on a beach facing the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wat Phou.


The hotel is just minutes from Wat Phu Champasak, La Folie Lodge is within 2 miles of Champassak Terminal West. This hotel is also within a 20-minute drive of Vat Phou.





The poolside restaurant, open-aired but sheltered by an impressive but graceful wooden tiled roof, offers authentic Asian cuisine as well as classical continental delicacies.


Located in the poolside restaurant, the bar stands under the now famous “elephant orgy” wooden sculpture, executed by talented local craftsmen. Enjoy the best of western cocktails, as well as in-house special creations always shacked with talent by our promising chief barman.




The swimming pool comes with an amazing view on the Mekong River and the Wat Phou mountains, it is the ideal spot to cool down after a day in the hot sun. The garden has tropical trees and flowers have found a shelter, as well as the 39 different species of birds.

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