Home-hosted Dinner with a Musician Family

Home-hosted Dinner with a Musician Family

Hanoi, Vietnam

Spend an evening immersed in the Hanoi Old Quarter’s atmosphere and traditions during this unique cultural experience. After an entertaining performance of the Vietnamese traditional music, enjoy traditional food and conversation with a dinner hosted in the home of a local musician family.


Meet your friendly host at his house in the heart of the Old Quarter, Hanoi’s oldest area. Listen to your host's engaging stories as you are invited into his little home that reveals the character of Hanoi. Musician Pham Chi Khanh is famous a traditional instrument maker and player, who has been applying his passion in traditional Vietnamese music for nearly 40 years. Grew up with some traditional Vietnamese stringed instrument, he learned how to play the 2-stringered fiddle with hardwood body instrument and make other stringed instrument at the age of 10. Since then, stringed instruments play a pivotal role in his life, he also learned to play different stringed instruments, such as drum, guitar, bass…. But he is most famous for his talent with Vietnamese long zither.


Instruments are hung all over the living room, here you will have dinner with his family members and enjoy his performance with his daughter, who is also a young musician and a teacher at Vietnam National Academy of Music.


Durations: 2 hours