Known as Cambodia’s premier beach location, Sihanoukville is surrounded by long stretches of sandy beaches with laid-back atmosphere and excellent seafood. The province is an increasingly popular seaside resort, although those in the know tend to go a little farther along the coast to Kep or Kampot, which are of more elegant with faded French colonial charm.


A charming riverside town with a relaxed atmosphere that never fails to capture the hearts and imaginations of those who visit Kampot, while the relaxed ambiance and peaceful beaches are the main attractions of Kep. The islands of Koh Rong and Koh Kong, overlooking to the beautiful Gulf of Thailand, are growing day by day as exceptional paradise retreats for intrepid travelers. A growing range of luxurious accommodations here allow travelers to live as opulent as they desire, and their pristine beaches is a world away from modern civilization.

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Comparing to Vietnam or Thailand where there are islands treasures of its own to show off, Cambodian beaches boast secluded beaches and laid-back atmosphere with perfect sunset. Here is some of the best beaches and islands in the coast of Cambodia.

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