Below are some questions commonly asked by those who travel with Incense Travel. If you have a question that is not covered below,  send us and email and we will be happy to assist you.
  • 1. Can I change the suggested destinations or accommodations in your itineraries?

    Of course! That’s what separates Incense Travel from the other tour operators – you create your own special itinerary based on your style, desires, taste, and budget.

  • 2. Have you experienced the destinations and properties you recommend?

    Yes, we have! We venture to our specialized destinations at least once per year. We encounter the luxury, style, activities, food, service, and the overall experience as if they were a client. Properties which pass our strict standards make the list. If you are interested in a property that is not on our list of suggested properties, just ask!

  • 3. Do you have any itineraries that would be fun for kids?

    Yes, and you can view a few suggestions right here. We can arrange specific itineraries that are designed with children – whether younger or older children. Need babysitting services while you go on safari? Do you want private rooms for nannies, grandparents, or others traveling in your party? We can accommodate and recommend experiences for just about any family and budget.

  • 4. Can you add some incredible adventures to an itinerary?

    From the mild to the wild, talk to your travel consultant about adding adventures that will leave you breathless. Discovering world’s largest cave Son Doong, a helicopter flip over the Red River Delta or into the World Heritage Site of Halong Bay – whatever you can dream up, we have what it takes to make your experience incredible and unforgettable.

  • 5. We would like to include destinations in our itinerary that are not on your website. Do you offer them?

    Yes, we do. Our list of destination offerings is growing at a rapid rate and although you may not see it on our website, that doesn’t mean we can’t get you there with the same standards and expectations. Our world is big and emerging destinations are very specialized. Feel free to ask and we can design whatever your heart desires.


    Our skilled travel consultants are here to help you. Talk to an expert and contact us today.

  • 6. How to make a reservation? 

    If you’ve found the itinerary on our website that you like, just click on the Send Inquiry to submit your information and message, we will respond you right away.

    Or you can send us a message right here.

  • 7. What is the booking process? 

    Our travel consultant will get in contact with you within 01 working day to inform about the service availability & payment.


    1.    Check Availability:


    After receiving your booking request, our consultant will check the availability of the services. If the services are available, our consultant will send you a payment link for the deposit by email, otherwise we will give you some alternative suggestions.


    Notice: our email may go to your spam mailbox, please check your spam mailbox if you don't receive our response in one working day.


    2.    Deposit:


    After receiving the payment link in the email sent from our consultant, please make the deposit as soon as possible to secure your booking. When we receive your deposit payment, our consultant will reserve the services for your booking as following:


    If all of the services are reserved successfully, we will send you a Confirmation Email including the deposit invoice and other useful information.


    If the services are fully booked and are not available, we will inform you and suggest other options. In case you no longer want to book these services, we will refund all of the deposit amount.


    Notice: Your booking will NOT be confirmed until we send you the Confirmation email. The remaining balance can be paid later - before departure date. For some urgent bookings or special types of promotion, 100% of the total cost will be required.


    3.    Final Payment:


    The full payment must be made before your departure date. The exact deadline will be confirmed by our travel consultant depending on each service you booked.


    The remaining balance can be paid by Cash (VND, USD, AUD, EUR) or by credit card. For the customers who're going to stay in Hanoi, we're able to setup a direct meeting to collect the final payment.


    Tips: If you are going to stay in Hanoi and your remaining balance > 500 USD, you can pay by cash to avoid 3.5% bank fee by credit card.


    Notice: Payment by cash on arrival is only applied for trips starting from Hanoi and the arrival date is before the payment deadline (confirmed by our travel consultant). All currencies are exchanged by local rate.

  • 8. Do I need to pay the deposit? 

    Yes, you do. The deposit is required to guarantee your reservation (tours, hotels, transfer, etc.). After receiving your deposit, we're going to reserve the services for you. So the deposit is required to secure your booking. 20% of total cost will be required for deposit at the booking time.


    For some urgent cases or special types of promotion, we will require full payment at the booking time. 

  • 9. How do I pay?

    You can pay us by:


    • Credit card (3.5% bank fee - pay online via Onepay system, or Letter of Authorization & POS): we will send you a payment link to pay through One pay, or you can pay through POS when we meet directly in Hanoi.
    • Cash (no bank fee): to avoid bank fee, you can pay us by cash (VND, USD, AUD, EUR - exchanged by local rate) at our Hanoi office or at your hotel in Hanoi.



    • Payment by Cash is only applied for trips that start from Hanoi with an amount > 500USD. For the amount less than 500USD, please let us know your request, we will consider with each case.
    • Bank Transfer (all sides of bank fee paid by you): for the large amount of money (> 2000USD), you can pay us through bank transfer to reduce the bank fee.
    • Please fill exactly Account Number, Account Name & Swift code - It's very important for smoothly receiving your money.
  • 10. When will my reservation be confirmed?

    After accepting to book the services, you need to pay the deposit for the services. Once received your deposit, we will reserve the services for you. If all of the services are reserved successfully, we will send you a confirmation email including a deposit invoice and other useful information. If the services are fully booked and therefore, unavailable, we will inform you and suggest other options. In case you no longer want to book those services, we will refund all the deposit amount. When you receive confirmation email, it means your reservation is confirmed.


    Notice: Your booking will NOT be confirmed until we send you a confirmation email.

  • 11. Can I have vegetarian food?

    Yes, of course!

  • 12. When do I have to pay the remaining balance? 

    The full payment will be made before your departure date. Exact deadline, which will be confirmed by our travel consultant, depends on each service you booked. The remaining balance will be paid directly to Incense Travel.

  • 13. How to make a cancellation? And will I be charged when cancelling my booking? 

    If you want to cancel a booking, please send a cancellation request by email. We do not accept a cancellation by phoneWe also note clearly about the timing of cancellation and how much will be charged for the cancellation. 


    Notice: we ONLY accept cancellation in writing by email or fax, NOT by phone.

  • 14. Do I need to provide Credit Card's detail to Incense Travel? 

    If you pay by Onepay or POS, we don't need any information of your credit card.

    Please notice that in some case we will require you to scan your credit card and your passport to process the payment.

  • 15. Credit Card Refunds? 

    All credit card refunds will be processed in timely manner.

    The refund processing depends on your billing cycle with the credit card company. Once the refund instructions leave our office, it can take from 15 - 45 working days for the refunds to arrive in your account. Please notice that the refunds will be made in the form of a credit to your card account.