I flew from Hanoi to Nha Trang, Vietnam’s first beach city, for my business. As the country’s first beach city, Nha Trang has so many to offer to travelers, from long white sandy beach, clear waters for scuba diving to fabulous street food dishes with so many seafood options. Especially, seafood is offered in most dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


It’s always nice to work in Nha Trang, because the sandy beach and endless of fresh seafood are right in front of your hotel. My first street food in Nha Trang was a bowl of fish noodle soup at Mrs. Hien’s outlet right behind the Novotel Nha Trang Hotel, then I walked to a street side café to hang out with my colleagues and also talk about food.



In the afternoon, while swimming on the beach I saw a lady walking on the sand with two heavy baskets on each side of her shoulder pole. I called her to try whatever she was selling, and it turned out to be Tao Pho (tofu pudding). It was the first tofu pudding I have ever tried on the beach, because we usually see people selling something like dry squids for grilling, green mango or coconuts juice. Anyway, her tofu pudding was really good, it was not too thick but not too loose, and it’s not too sweet. I love it!



That evening, some of my friends living in Nha Trang took me to a seafood restaurant in the northern part of the city, here we ordered some Nha Trang fishes to grill. Tuan, the owner of the Quan Sinh Doi restaurant, introduced us some nice looking fishes that he called Tuan Fish and Ca Bo Da (unicorn filefish). He marinated the fishes while we were drinking beer, then about half an hour later the fishes took their turns to come to our table. They were so yummy, it took us almost 2 more hours to drink more beer and finish all the fishes. It was a great seafood night with my friends, and I told them I will come back to Nha Trang and take them to that restaurant again.


Better seafood experiences along the coast is always where the locals eat, and if you don’t really know what to order then just look around on the tables and you can go from there.




After work the next day, we went to an island off shore called the Mini Beach, or the Paradise Beach, for a special seafood treat. We had way too much seafood to eat again. I ate grilled squid, grilled sea bass, grilled prawns, steamed crabs and fresh jelly fish with green mango and roasted peanuts salad. However, we managed to eat them all before heading back to the city in the late afternoon.




The next couple days I was too busy working in the hotel meeting room, so I was just having some typical office meal. Fortunately, I got my wish list covered and tried all my favorite dishes before becoming too busy. But I got no time to eat Tom Hum (Nha Trang’s lobster). Good reason to come back in December to eat steamed and grilled lobsters on the Nha Trang beach with my friends.


Buffalo Joe