There is no better way to really feel the city of Hanoi and savor the flavorful Vietnamese food than a guided street food tour. This private walking tour with Buffalo Joe is one of the best tours to truly experience Hanoi and appreciate the food, it exposes visitors to not only the authentic flavor but also the city’s interesting history and culture.


Graduated from a university in Hanoi where he studied hospitality, Buffalo Joe has been a licensed tour guide with 13 years of guiding experience in Vietnam. Having traveled to cities as a guide for years gives him a broader picture of his country’s food diversities, and he loves them all. But Hanoi, his home city, is where he lives with his passion for street food, its chaotic web of alleys and lanes are where he eats most.


Beside managing Incense Travel to offer customized tours with superlative guides, detailed itineraries, discriminating hotel and restaurant suggestions. Joe holds tight to his love for street food, and he’s sharing his passion for food on his private food tours.




What Makes Joe’s Food Tour Different?


1. It’s a private food tour


While on most food tours available in the city, you will “share” the guide with others as you are a part of a joined-group tour. A private tour means that you don’t have to share your guide with anyone else. It’s interactive, more like a discussion than a lecture, and flexible with the guide’s full attention. Along the way, you get to ask as many dumb questions as you want.


A food tour with Joe is such private tour, it features his personal walking route exposing his favorite food stops, markets, and his history information along the way. And of cause, you don’t have to find the “meeting place”, because Joe will meet and greet you right at your hotel. Once you’ve experienced the level of service, freedom and personal attention that come with his private food tour, you’ll never be able to join the herd again.


2. It’s both food and local culture experience


To help his clients really feel the city beside eating authentic street foods, he takes them to visit a local home and talk to the family over a cup of tea. It’s not just about the awesome foods that you get to try, but it’s also about what you will learn from the experience that matter him the most.


Being an experienced guide who grew up here, Joe is passionate about sharing what he loves most about his home city with visitors more than just giving them the food to try. Sure, he can recount interesting anecdotes and legends that sit behind many corners of Hanoi, and explain any historical events you may want to know.


3. It's super easy to book & go


He suggests to begin at 9h00 or 16h00 with your empty stomach, but you can request to begin at your preferred times. As the private tour suits each of his clients, not his own rigid agenda. That means the itinerary would be adaptive, easy-going, and flexible around your interests and energy level. The tour goes like you’re hanging out with a friend… but a friend who happen to be an expert on Hanoi!


Question about his food tours or travel planning? Give him a call or reach him on WhatsApp: +84 967 25 8586! You can also send an email with your number and available times to talk, Joe will call you back.


Following are some of the photos taken during the tour, which should give you an idea of how your tour may look like:













Buffalo Joe