On my Hanoi food tours, I’m often asked “Where are the best pastry shops in Hanoi?”, which is a tough question. There are hundreds of pastries and bakeries in Hanoi, and it’s hard to whittle them down to just a handful of them. You can find both local Vietnamese bakery and foreign-chef owns bakery cafes in Hanoi, each has its own personality reflecting the neighborhood it’s located in. Pastry shops at swanky 5 star-hotels will be more upscale, while shops in French and Old Quarter will be more “neighborhood oriented”, and cater more to locals.


However, Hanoi is evolving and many young pastry chefs are opening shops due to growing local demands and the more visitors to the city, I’ve included following some favorites across the city center. Understanding that you have your preferred taste and flavor, but I’m positive you will find a local pasty or bakery café that suits your palate. A number of bakeries and pastry shops now have multiple addresses in Hanoi, I’ve listed the main ones below the descriptions, but check their websites for other locations.


Note that hours and addresses are subject to change, so it’s best to make a phone calls to shops and bakeries to get the most up to date information.


1. L’Epicerie du Metropole




One of the oldest French-style shops in Hanoi, which belongs to a colonial hotel opened since 1901 – Sofitel Legend Metropole. L’Epicerie offers a casual experience in a French conventional ambience, whenever I take my clients here they are often surprised by a delicious selection of pastries and sweet chocolate that make an unforgettable impression.


Visitors will not only find their home-made baguettes and pastries but also the well-known imported products from France, such as Hediard Paris (1854), Lenôtre, Fauchon, Maxim’s de Paris, etc. Their dark chocolate-enrobed cakes are at the top of my list of the best in Hanoi, and I’m addicted to their dark brown croissants with feathery centers, crunchy Croquants and home-made macarons. Its cake showcase filled with caramels, fondants, chocolates, and macarons which are all made in the kitchen behind the shop. Their nearby terrace café is an ideal place to enjoy their amazing breads or a hot chocolate while watching the traffic.


L’Epicerie du Metropole: Hotel Metropole Hanoi, Le Phung Hieu Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Opening hours: 7h00 to 21h00

Tel: (+84) 24 3826 6919


2. O'Douceurs




One of the newest stars on the Hanoi bakery café scene. Since its debut about five years ago, O’Douceurs has become one of the most visited bakeries by both local residents and Hanoi visitors. The French Pastry Chef Silen Garrigues, the owner, aims to introduce French quality pastry to Hanoi, and keep his cakes the best in the city.


O’Douceurs is one of my favorite places for a cup of hot chocolate, lemon tarts and some small, round cakes layered with ganache and glazed with a slick of dark chocolate. You’ll find people sitting at tables on the sidewalk, nibbling on croissants and sipping the coffee while watching the traffic in front of the nearby Hanoi Opera House.


O’Douceurs: 8 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Opening hours: 7h30 to 22h30 (Sunday: 8h00 to 22h30)

Tel: (+84) 024 6253 3785


3. S'Patisserie




When I was asked about a local bakery with a view, this is the place. Being a part of the boutique Silk Path Hotel, S'Patisserie is a boutique bakery with a stunning view of the Hoan Kiem Lake. It accommodates both residents and walk-in guests looking for artisan croissants, chocolate truffles, pastries, sweet cakes, and also New York cheesecakes.


Their menu features a surprising selection of organic drinks, from a cup of Vietnamese coffee to a hot cappuccino to detox juices and local flavor tea. It’s a perfect place to have a simple lunch and a delightful dessert while enjoying its prime location.


S'Patisserie: 17 Hang Khay, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Opening hours: 7h00 to 22h00

Tel: (+84) 0888 431 696


4. Madame Huong




Huong opened her first bakery in 2003, today Madame Huong is one of the most popular local bakeries in Hanoi. When I am in Hanoi, I love having a condensed milk coffee and a chocolate brownie for breakfast on Sunday mornings. The shop has simple wooden tables and chairs on the sidewalk of Ly Thuong Kiet Street, so its clients can enjoy their home-made cakes while watching the traffic.


Cookies with browned edges and soft, tender middles, that somehow never taste raw. Her monster chocolate chip cookies are packed with semi-sweet chocolate, they always wins me over with its satisfying chew and intense flavor. While you’re there, try a traditional Vietnamese mooncake - a thin layer of pastry that’s stuffed with a sweet filling of either mung bean or lotus paste.


Madame Huong: 39 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Opening hours: 7h30 to 22h30

Tel: (+84) 090 254 4888


5. Maison Marou Hanoi




Anyone who loves chocolate must know Marou - a chocolate brand from Vietnam, which has been described by the New York Times magazine as “The best chocolate in the world”. Graham Greene wrote that whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find in Vietnam. Somehow, the country’s fine flavored cacao managed to remain hidden for over a century until Vincent Mourou and Sam Maruta found it and started making chocolate bars under the name Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat.


After their success with the Maison Marou Saigon, they recently opened Maison Marou Hanoi and it quickly became a paradise for Hanoi chocolate lovers. My wife and I are crazy for Maison Marou Hanoi’s cheesecake and chocolate brownie.


Maison Marou Hanoi: 91A Tho Nhuom Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Opening hours: 9h00 to 22h00

Tel: (+84) 024 3717 3969



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