Based on readers’ reviews and ratings for various categories including travel experiences, restaurants, accommodations, gathered over 12 months. TripAdvisor, the world’s most popular travel guide and review website, recently released a ranking that lists Vietnam among the top 10 destinations in the world.


Standing on the top of the list is Iceland, and followed by Greece, Mexico, Portugal and Morocco. Vietnam appeared at the 6th on the ranking, for the first time it has overtaken its neighbor Thailand, which came in 9th.



A report published in June by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), it ranked Vietnam’s tourism growth at seventh globally, and the country was the only destination in Southeast Asia to make the top 10.


The ranking by the popular site has confirmed Vietnam’s growing popularity as a travel destination. According to the General Statistics Office, the country received more than 13 million international tourists last year, a rise of 29 percent against the previous year, and foreign arrivals in the first half of this year skyrocketed nearly 30 percent.


Vietnam is loved by both local and foreign visitors for its friendly people, delicious local food, natural beauty, stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and authentic travel experiences. Early this year 2018, readers of the travel review website also voted An Bang Beach in the central of Hoi An Ancient Town as one of the 25 most picturesque beaches in Asia, for the third year in a row.


The country and its authentic travel experiences have also received high recommendations from various global sites. The United States’ news site, Business Insider, named an overnight cruise trip through the UNESCO Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam among the must-do travel experiences in Asia.



Hanoi, the 1000 years old capital city, is known for its rich culture and amazing food experiences, while Saigon has cracked various lists of top destinations for solo and retiree travelers. The city was also voted the place to go for nightlife in Southeast Asia by Rough Guides, a famous travel magazine in the UK, in April this year.


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