Your Vietnam holiday could be an incredible adventure to the heart of the Vietnamese culture, exploring the back streets of the bustling cities by day and enjoying elegant boutique hotels with a surplus of modern luxuries by night. With Incense Travel, truly immerse in the lively hidden charms is the best way to experience Vietnam. Explore all Vietnam has to offer with Incense Travel’s bespoke journeys that show you a side of the country few others have seen. Here are five of our favorite experiences in Hanoi you’ll want to be sure to include on your Vietnam tour.



Street Eats


Hanoi is one of the best foodie destinations in Southeast Asia, the food is often dubbed the healthiest food in the region. Street food in Hanoi, in fact, so diverse and extraordinary that you should go through the streets with a local foodie guide to do exactly that. Eat your way through Hanoi’s Old Quarter as your knowledgeable foodie guide unveil true stories behind local eateries and their famous recipes. Explore not only the heathy Vietnamese food, but the daily life of the local residents in their tube houses and tiny shops. With so many foods to try, let your guide show you the best dishes and connect you to the best local food stalls in town during your Hanoi Street Food Tour.




Vintage Minsk Mortobike


Get off the beaten path and really connect with a Hanoian. A tour on the historical vintage Minsk Mortobike provides unique, impactful, fun and once in a life-time culture adventures for those who want to learn and discover the real Vietnam, to live a day in the life of Vietnamese people, to enjoy authentic local foods and cultural connections. Hop on the Soviet style mortobike with your profesional rider to start exploring hidden corners of Hanoi, sample the best street food on the way and see places that other travelers would’t even know.




Visit a local home


To be welcomed into a local home is an incredible gift, the gift that they have received many times through our travels. That is what we are striving to share with you on every journey you take with us. By reaching out to engage with the local, we learn to appreciate firsthand not only our diversity, but also our commonality. At Incense Travel, we believe that engaging with the local is the best way to connect and feel the real spirit of the destination. For that, we arrange visits to a veteran home, home of a retired teacher or famous artist’s studio.




Home Hosted Cooking Class


In our home-hosted private cooking class, you will meet your chef at a local market and shop for ingredients you will use to prepare your meal. You can request to learn how to cook the dish you wish, or the chef will choose the menu based on what’s in season. On the leisure walk around the chef’s favorite market, she will point out the different kinds of herds, vegetables and fruits typically used in Vietnamese dishes, including familiar ones such as lemon grass, green onions, hot chili and mints, as well as those that might be new to you, like Vietnamese coriander, piper lolot and purple perilla leaf. After the market, your chef takes you to her home where she will invite you to drink tea and introduce her home so that you get a peek at how a Vietnamese family lives before learning how to cook.




Dinner with a Musician's family


We believe that one of the best travel experiences in Hanoi you can have is to engage with local experts in the history, culture, fine arts, economy, cuisine. To bring you a great moment with a local expert in music, we introduce musician Pham Chi Khanh to you. We will take you to his interesting home with many Vietnamese stringed instruments, where he will host you for a dinner with his family members and show you his passion for Vietnamese traditional music. Enjoy his performance with his daughter, who is also young musician and a teacher at Vietnam National Academy of Music.



Those are just five of our many authentic experiences that you can include in your tailor-made Vietnam tours. Contact your travel consultant to create a tailor made itinerary of your own.



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