A Vietnam and Cambodia holiday in the summer and fall is a refreshing respite into a lush world of rice terraces, serene bays and colorful festivals. There are some of the experiences you can access when you travel during green season to those beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, Incense Travel has listed out some travel experiences for your upcoming Vietnam and Cambodia tours.


A Cool Time to Travel


Refreshing rains, which don’t usually fall every day, make green season a fun and cooler time of year to visit Vietnam and Cambodia. On our Vietnam Adventure Journey, you will visit flooded rice terraces around Sapa in northern Vietnam, and take in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Trek through the hills and meet the local tribes that live there, or take a bike tour through their villages located along the mountain loops. Our Mysterious Temples of Angkor unveils the highlights of Cambodia, wander through markets full of pungent spices in the country’s capital Phnom Penh, plus explore world famous Hindu temples and savor fragrant Khmer cuisine in Siem Reap.



A Quiet Time to Travel


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay, a Vietnam’s top travel destination with amazing limestone karst formations and serene waters, best to experience by seaplane, overnight cruises and ocean kayaking, are not as busy in the summer and fall seasons, making world travelers feel like they are on a deserted bay. Danang and Hoi An, usually big tourist destinations in central Vietnam, offers a slower pace, where travelers can unwind in a pampering session, shop in a boutique, and stroll along idyllic white sand beaches of My Khe and An Bang. On the private Song Saa Island Resort, snorkel and scuba dive through turquoise waters that host a rainbow of tropical fish and coral in the relaxing marine in its front.




During green season in Vietnam and Cambodia, the rain brings water to rice terrace fields for hill tribes in Mu Cang Chai and other mountains to start their new crop. Our Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia Classic Journey are perfect for the adventure seeker wanting to get up-close to mother nature’s beauty and power, they are tours with great balance of outdoor activity and peaceful relaxation.


A Sacred Time to Travel


Summer and early fall bring festivals like the Mid-Autumn Moon Festivals, an ancient Vietnamese festival that revolves around children. This lovely festival held annually on the 15th of Lunar August in Hoi An, creating the most charming and picturesque night of the year. It involves the customs of moon contemplation, procession of stars using shaped lanterns, lion dance, especially parties with moon cakes and fruits.


The streets are full of people wandering around and buying festival treasures. Children parade on the streets, singing and carrying colorful lanterns of different sizes and shapes. There are fish, rabbits, carps, stars and butterflies spinning away, candles are inserted in the lanterns, representing the Earth circling the Sun.


It is time when thousands of lanterns light up the night sky during the lantern festival, little floating lights are also sent into rivers and lakes as a wish for good luck at the end of rainy season. Traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia in the autumn when spirit festivals and temple fairs offer an opportunity to participate in colorful parades, it is great chance to engage with locals, eat delicacies and watch traditional performances.



Contact your Luxury Travel Consultant to plan an unforgettable Vietnam and Cambodia tour during green season. You might also consider Laos for your next adventure to Southeast Asia, get in touch with your consultant to create a tailor made itinerary of your own.



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