Situated on a peninsula over 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of Hanoi, Tho Ha is surrounded by the Nhu Nguyet River. This traditional village can be visited after about 1,5 hours drive from the city of Hanoi, and the easiest way to reach the village is to take a short ferryboat across the river.



Beside the rural life and ancient architectures of northern Vietnam that will be sure to amaze you, the village is known for being the home of rice papers and dry pancakes, and the local people here are famous for ther hospitality and industiousness. They live by traditional jobs of making rice papers, dry pandcakes and rice wine.




Your tour guide will bring you to visit a family, where the people live by making rice paper and rice wine. Here the host will introduce you the process of making rice paper. One interesting thing is that they move the grids from one location to another as the gelatinous rice sheets dry out, but they don’t measure moisture content with an electronic device, rather, it is all done by experienced eyes. As you walk around the village, you will have chances to mingle with the local people on the way.



Walking into Tho Ha Village is like walking into another world. The village is geographically isolated, and as a result, it offers a unique glimpse into rural life that you will not see elsewhere during your time in Vietnam. On Incense Travel’s tour to Tho Ha Village, we top-off the morning with a Vietnamese lunch at a popular restaurant on our return to Hanoi. Contact us for further information on the village and the detailed itinerary. Tour duration: 6 hours.



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