Friendly people, peaceful villages, scenic mountain retreats, remote tropical beaches, and rich cultures make Southeast Asia a gateway to top your 2019 travel list. Incense Travel has rounded up some of our favorite destinations that still feel untouched and authentic. We are always ready to suggest which itinerary suited your interests to help you plan your next great journey. Bon voyage!




Land of the legendary Angkor Empire, Cambodia is a unique cultural wonder with endless opportunity to explore deeper and further. Soar in a hot air balloon high above mysterious Khmer temples, built in the 12th century, hidden in lush jungles. Stay in a private countryside villa with a butler attending your needs, and have breakfast near Angkor Wat, one of the most impressive temples ever built. Say goodbye to the crowds on a private island and take a snooze to the sounds of the soft breeze on our luxury Cambodia itinerary. Pristine white sand beaches meet calming and clear waters.






The Buddhist country of Laos exposes you to the deep traditions and ethnic backgrounds to give you the most serene vacation possible. Laotian holds tight to its Buddhist tradition, living each day gracefully and peacefully. Each visit to the country gives a unique spin on the Southeast Asia experience, for it is one of the most atmospheric and laid-back countries in the region.


Submerge yourself in the culture as you watch hundreds of saffron-robed Buddhist monks walking silently among centuries-old temples, or share a bottle of Beerlao with your loved one watching the sun set on the Mekong River. Take part in a traditional Baci ceremony in Luang Prabang, trek through the forested mountains of the north or cruise along the Mekong passing its capital Phnom Penh. A hide away with Incense Travel’s Laos vacation packages to this nation of pace and serenity will be sure to be memorable and rejuvenating.






Terraced rice fields and colorful ethnic hill tribes of Sapa, magnificent limestone formations and turquoise bays of Halong, and the ancient architectures with colorful riverside settings of the UNESCO World Heritage listed town of Hoi An are just some of what Vietnam has to offer. The country’s appeal extends beyond the natural. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, is a fast-paced city with a melange of French architecture, bustling markets, and glassy skyscrapers.


In the capital Hanoi, enjoy your street food tour in its Old Quarter. Don’t say no to the “pho”, it is the famous dish of noodles soaked in warm broth and served up speedily by street-side vendors. The Banh Mi is a French-Vietnamese fusion sandwich that has become popular the world over, we think it tastes best in Vietnam where it originated. Crispy baguettes are filled with French pate, barbecued pork, pickles, chilies, and coriander, and sold from simple outlet on the side walk that deliver a major burst of flavor.



Vietnam will definitely feed your desire for culture, history and your belly at the same time. Contact an Incense Travel expert to start planning your own travel for 2019.



Buffalo Joe