Vietnamese modern arts have been strongly transformed since the issue of the Reform Policy by the party and the States of Vietnam (in 1986), which created the momentum for inspiration and democracy in art creation. The last three decades were a period when Vietnamese artists became more active in the desire for creativity, research and discovery, as well as more concerned with social life in order to establish their own styles through an exploration of diverse medias and themes, and more confident in integrating their art with developments in the region and in the world.





Artists have shown different artistic tendencies through different styles. In painting, the artists whose artworks reflect deep Asian cultural elements and tradition identity include Trinh Ba Quat, Dinh Thi Tham Poong, Nguyen Bach Dan…. Artists who work in realism are Nguyen Ngoc Dan and Pham Binh Chuong. Abstract artists are Do Minh Tam, Vinh Phoi. Expressionists are Do Hoang Tuong, Ha Chi Hieu. Abstract- Expressionist artists include Vo Xuan Huy….





As for sculpture, diversity in artist languages are clearly expressed in the artworks of Duong Dang Can, Phan Phuong Dong and Vuong Van Thao. With the harmonious integration of tradition and modernity, and diversity of ideas and media, Vietnamese modern arts are strongly developing and have achieved certain success.





Here in the short introduction are a few of the Vietnam modern arts that reflect richly humanistic content and philosophy depth., hidden in which are the thoughts, feelings or moods, internal emotions of the artists themselves regarding the issues of contemporary society. 









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By Pham Tuyen