Vietnamese food is fresh, tasty, and very healthy. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is known for its centuries-old architecture and a rich culture with Chinese and French influences. The city is now famous for best Vietnamese street foods, here is our list of 7 best Hanoi street food dishes. Go try them now!


      1. Dried Beef with Green Papaya Salad


We all know that Vietnamese food is known for its fresh and healthy ingredients, with very minimal use of oil. The use of fresh herbs, meat, fish sauce combined with a right balance of spices is what makes Vietnamese food taste and smell so good. Dried Beef with Green Papaya Salad serving on the street is the best example of the balance, like the name, it combines dried beef, green papaya, peanuts, perilla leaves with mixed fish sauces. Among those ingredients, the salad dressing really stands out.




      2. Khuc Cake


Banh Khuc or Khuc Cake, one of Vietnam’s most traditional cake, is a steamed cake made of glutinous rice mixed with brayed cubweed leaves, filled with mung bean paste, pork, black peppers, and sprinkled with grains of cooked sticky rice. And it is very delicious!




      3. Hanoi Egg Coffee


Made of chicken egg yolk, Vietnamese Robusta coffee, sweetened condensed milk, butter, and cheese. The coffee is brewed in a small ceramic cup with a filter before adding the well-whisked mixture of the yolk and those ingredients. The cup of egg coffee is then placed in a bowl of hot water to retain its temperature. Egg coffee surprisingly delicious and resembling a tiramisu in taste. The coffee is a must-try for curious Hanoi’s tourists.




      4. Bún Chả


Bun Cha comprises of two main simple parts, Bun (white rice noodles) and Cha (grilled fatty pork and meatballs). The dish is always served with dipping sauce, which is made of mixed fish sauce, pickled carrot and green papaya. It is also come with a side dish of herbs, and Nem Cua Be (crab spring rolls). U.S. President Barack Obama recently made this special dish of Hanoi internationally well-known when he ate Bun Cha on his first night here in 2016.




      5. Bánh Mì


Meaning Vietnamese baguette sandwich, but Bánh Mì is flavor packed with savory Vietnamese fillings. On streets, Bánh Mì would be referred to as e.g. Bánh Mì Xíu Mại for a baguette with crushed pork meatball. Or Bánh Mì Pâté for a baguette or sandwich with pâté, Vietnamese sausage and meat, usually pork bellies, since it is the most common kind of meat. Bánh Mì is commonly known as Vietnamese best street food.




      6. Phở


Pho basically a bowl of noodle soup made of 5 ingredients: fresh rice noodle, good cut meat (beef or chicken) hot broth, fresh herbs and the right spices. Foreigners fell in love with “phở’’ when they discovered that traditional food of Hanoi. Phở is no doubt the most shining star in Hanoi’s food map. 




      7. Caphe Sữa Đá


Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporting country in the world. Many tourists and expats find the unique taste and the huge availability of coffee in all cities of Vietnam. The most popular Vietnamese coffee is “cà phê sữa đá”, which is Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk. The best Caphe Sua Da is usually found on sidewalks, where people sit on plastic chairs.



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