Located in the heart of the former French Indochina, Laos is an incredible landlocked country and often described as “forgotten”! The country has emerged in recent years, and travelers often refer to Laos as a long-lost destination in Southeast Asia. They find in Laos laid-back life style, buzzing day, long-held traditions, sparkling Buddhist temples, lush forests, rice fields and French colonial traces. Luxury travel Laos is really effortless, and Incense Travel’s private Laos luxury tours includes the best of this country has to offer.



All of our private luxury tours in Laos include the captivating Luang Prabang, this UNESCO World Heritage listed-town features colonial buildings sharing quaint lanes with Buddhist temples and Lao traditional wooden homes. The town is the country’s prime tourist attraction, and known as the best preserved colonial town in Southeast Asia. Get a real taste of Lao tradition as you watch the silent procession of novice saffron robe monks receiving alms at down, or experience a private Lao baci (welcome) ceremony. Explore the charms of Luang Prabang with your own personal expert guide, get insight into Lao culture and history as you visit gorgeous Buddhist wats (temples), French colonial houses, local markets and silk weaving villages. Take a private cruise on the Mekong River and visit the well-known Pak Ou caves filled with thousands of Buddha statues.


Our private luxury Laos tours also include activities that highlight natural and cultural beauties of Laos such as private cooking classes, visits to elephant sanctuaries, kayaking and boating, hiking in the lush hillsides, as well as biking through the verdant countryside.



Beyond Luang Prabang, the sleepy Vientiane capital still seem a bit like a city lost in time, and it is home to Laos’ unique culture and many regal wats. Wander past French colonial mansions, such as the remarkable Presidential Palace, and watch a fiery sunset over the Mekong River. Explore local markets, delve into Lao traditional textile arts at a workshop, and visit iconic golden That Luang Stupa – Laos’ national symbol built in 1566. Perhaps the best way to take in Laos’ scenery and hospitality is by slowly cruise along the Mekong, the river-bound journey winds through the country with stops at small villages for an up-close look at this fascinating country.

It’s so easy to add highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia into your visit to Laos, private luxury tours to this enchanting region features careful planning and expertise of professionals at Incense Travel.


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