More than half of the population in Vietnam still live in rural areas and engage in agriculture, food is at the very heart of every home. And because Vietnam is known as a great foodie destination, have a cooking class while traveling in Vietnam is a very popular activity. One of the most frequent requests that we often received is to arrange home-hosted private cooking lessons during a tour. The activity provides a great introduction to the local market, ingredients, food culture, Vietnamese lifestyle and fun learning experience.



In our home-hosted private cooking class, you will meet your chef at a local market and shop for ingredients you will use to prepare your meal. You can request to learn how to cook the dish you wish, or the chef will choose the menu based on what’s in season. During the leisure walk around the local market, the chef will point out the different kinds of herds, vegetables and fruits typically used in Vietnamese dishes, including familiar ones such as lemon grass, green onions, hot chili and mints, as well as those that might be new to you, like Vietnamese coriander, piper lolot and purple perilla leaf.


The chef will walk you to the vast array of fresh vegetables on display in the market, where she may select some water spinach, bitter melons, banana flower and pumpkin leave. For your dessert, you may want to select some mangoes, oranges, dragon fruits and rumbutans. Next, the chef will take you to her home where she will invite you to drink tea and introduce her home so that you get a peek at how a Vietnamese family lives before learning how to cook.




In the kitchen, the chef will teach you how to cook several typical Vietnamese dishes, such as banana flower salad, Vietnamese fried spring rolls, sautéed chicken with lemongrass, sour and spicy fish soup, and pumpkin flowers sautéed with garlic. Once the cooking is done, savor the rewards of your hard work!




It is easy to incorporate a home-hosted private cooking class in the most popular Vietnamese culinary destinations, including Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). View our private Vietnam tours or contact Incense Travel to start planning.


Buffalo Joe