Focus exclusively on luxury tailor-made travels in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, Incense Travel prides itself on having sophisticated knowledge about each of our destinations. Cambodia is among the must-see destinations in this charming region for elite travelers. Known for mysterious temples in the jungles and peaceful villages along the Mekong River, luxury travel in Cambodia was simplified and visitors are treated to an enchanting brand of dedicated hospitality in magnificent and splendid appearance.



The predecessor state to modern Cambodia, the Angkor Empire, was a powerful Hindu-Buddhist empire in Southeast Asia. And Cambodia today was a part of the French colonial empire, which also included Vietnam and Laos.


Cambodia is now appearing as a Khmer nation with an intriguing past and an emerging future. The history of the country is rich and very great extent, from the mysticism of the Khmer civilization, to the regal era of kings, and to the interesting layers of French influences.


Home to dozens of 12th-century Hindu temples, the astounding Angkor Wat complex is a favorite destination in Cambodia. Intricate bas-reliefs sandstone and astonishing sculptures define this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site, where visitors may feel lost in the immense settlements of religious sites, public squares and courtyards. There are so many temples to explore, such as the Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bayon Temples. The Bayon Temple features a large gathering of serene and smiling stone faces, which at first glance, it seems like an amorphous mass of stone, but those mysterious faces are looking serenely at passers-by.



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These treasure of Cambodia in Siem Reap is a must see at sunset when the fading light further expose the mysterious ambiance. You can explore the complex by foot with your personal guide, a luxury travel includes a magnificent hot air balloon ride over the sprawling grounds and the enchanting Angkor temples.


Located on the edge of Mekong and the Tonle Sap rivers in southern Cambodia, the capital Phnom Penh has been the cultural center with many the treasures of the country such as prehistoric Khmer artifacts, bronze works and a life-size diamond-encrusted Buddha. The city is where the French influences mingle with Khmer styles, the colonial architecture of Phnom Penh earned the nickname “Pearl of the Orient”, and that interesting fusion is seen in many places throughout the county.



Chances to learn about the life of local people in Cambodia are numerous, especially in the riverine villages along the Mekong where the river water is most important to their life. Fascinating floating villages dot the exceptionally large Tonle Sap Lake, where enormous series of small bamboo houses on leggy stilts are the unique homes to thousands of Cambodians. There are also many opportunities to give alms to tiny Buddhist monasteries in the area, and receive a special blessing in return from the monks.


The very attractive southern coast with white sandy beaches is a surprise to many visitors in Cambodia. With magnificent view to the Gulf of Thailand, the coast features so many mid-century hotel towns and a growing number of luxury resort properties. Watersports including snorkeling, fishing and a day-long picnic on several secluded islands are popular activities.



Private luxury tours in Indochina is effortless with the careful planning and expertise of the Incense Travel professionals. Contact us to start customizing your trip to Cambodia and consider adding Vietnam and Laos to your journey to this region.


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