The former French Indochina, including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, is home to remarkable scenery and rewarding water journeys. Whether you prefer to explore this incredible region’s beautiful waters by private wooden junk, sampan bamboo boat or kayak, there is always journey to please every adventure lover. Indochina luxury travel with Incense Travel means exploring the hidden charms, ancient cultures and exclusive experiences in some of the most beautiful countries in the world. Here are our top journeys to experience the wonderful waters of Indochina.



Cruise Halong Bay on a Private Wooden Junk


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay is home to 1969 limestone islands rising out of emerald waters, this corner of the Tonkin Gulf is widely known to Vietnamese as bay of descending dragons.


The best way to take in the world’s treasure is to do an overnight cruise on a luxury Vietnamese traditional wooden junk. But you can go beyond with a two-night cruise on a chartered boat, which allow you pace and time to explore the bay. Bhaya Legend Private Boat is among the top luxury boutique cruises, get the most of the cruise and go far away from the popular areas. Get taken to Ho Ba Ham, Ba Trai Dao and Bright Cave areas in Lan Ha Bay. Enjoy your privacy and paddle your kayak to hidden lagoons, beaches and caves in the southern most of the bay anytime you want.




Shop at Floating Markets in Mekong Delta


Mekong Delta, a region in southwestern Vietnam, is where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries. It is a vast maze of rivers, Khmer pagodas and villages surrounded by rice paddies, swamps and home to floating markets. Boats are the main means of transportation, and people here have lived in their boats along the rivers for generations.


Submerge into the amazing Mekong Delta with a boat ride from Cai Be floating market. Explore the sights and flavors of the lively trading in fruits, vegetables, coconuts and many other local products. The best time to see the market is around 6am, when wholesalers on big boats moor here and people on little boats are still hanging samples of their goods on tall wooden poles.




Cruise the Mekong on a Private Boat to Pak Ou Caves


Running through parts of Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, the Mekong River is the lifeline of Laos. One of the most popular things to do in Laos is to take a private slow boat along the Mekong and visit the famous Pak Ou Caves.


Located about two hours upstream from Luang Prabang, Pak Ou (mouth of the Ou river) caves is overlooking the Mekong River, and filled with thousands of miniature Buddha sculptures. Many of very small and mostly damaged wooden Buddhist figures are laid out over the wall shelves. They are all in different positions, including meditation, teaching, peace, rain, and reclining (nirvana). Soak in the sleepy pace of rural Laos, as you pass serene local homes and watch fisherman hand casting their nets along the way.




Private Boat Ride along the West Baray Reservoir


The West Baray reservoir is located just west of the walled city Angkor Thom in Siem Reap of Cambodia. Construction of the reservoir probably began in the 11th century by former Angkorian engineers. The clear and still waters of the reservoir today make it a popular place for boat rides by local Cambodian and refreshing swim.


With Incense Travel’s luxury Cambodia travel, you can experience an ox-cart ride through rural villages of Siem Reap and board a private boat to travel along the West Baray. Take in the natural scenery of northern Cambodia, enjoy sunset drinks and dinner when you arrive at a remote villa in the late afternoon.



Experience the waters and the best of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia on luxury tailor-made travel with Incense Travel. Contact us for more information regarding the water journeys in the region, or to begin customizing your itinerary.



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