In the occasion of the hottest day of the early summer in Hanoi, I want to talk a bit about Vietnam weather. I’ve been asked many time the question: “What is the best time to visit Vietnam?” Well any time is the best time to visit Vietnam.


But if you concern about Vietnam weather, then the best time to visit Vietnam is between September this year and April next year. This is also Vietnam tourism high season. We tour guides work every single day with NO day off. But in the low season only lucky guides get about 10-15 days of work. Why? This writing about Vietnam weather will explain why.





Vietnam weather: what is the best time to visit?


Vietnam locates in both a tropical and a temperate zone and is influenced by strong monsoon. But Vietnam weather also has pretty much amount of sun, high quantity of rain and boldly hig humidity. The sun shines strongly from end of March to end of October, which is the duration of summer. It rains a lot in the summer with big tropical showers and storms. In summer it is steaming hot with temperature varies from 30 °C to 42 °C; humidity is expected to be from 70% to 100%.


It rains almost every day with quick shower and big wind. Plus thunder storms, typhoons also happen this time of the year. This is the main reason why summer in Vietnam is the low season for tourism. And I’ll have you know I hate the summer!!! No work, burning hot and humid. Only beer companies like the summer. In spring it rains as well but with smaller intensity. I normally call rain in spring water in the air, not too strong but it lasts for weeks. And it makes everything wet and dirty.


In Vietnam is a really long and thin country. The length is approximately 3000 kms from top to toe.  That makes Vietnam weather varies noticeably. In the northern Vietnam and the Red river delta, there are 4 seasons in a year. Spring is wet and cool. Summer is steaming hot and humid. Fall is nice with fair temperature . Winter is dry and as cold as my ex-girl friend’s heart. Meanwhile in the center and southern part of Vietnam (from Hai Van pass down south) it is summer the year round, with high temperature and high humidity. In the south there are only 2 seasons: wet season and dry seasons.


Rainy season occurs from May to October and dry season from November to April. The difference in temperature between the dry and wet seasons in the south is almost unnoticeable. My friends in Saigon always say: There are two seasons in the south, hot season and freaking hot season. It is always above 30 °C and can reach up to 42 °C. Even hell is cooler than this.


According to national hydro meteorological center, there are about 100 rainy days yearly and rainfall averagely varies from 1,500 to 2,000mm. Humidity is roughly around 80% with 1,500 to 2,000 sunny hours.  People in the north of the world are you jealously sighing? Well don’t.  People always want what they don’t have. And here in Vietnam, the sun loves us a little bit too much. Plus, as affected by monsoon, Vietnam weather has some disadvantages for people’s everyday life. There are about 10-12 typhoons a year. Big rain brings in floods and when it is dry the droughts occur. Those are seriously threatening people’s life and Vietnam agriculture.


Before booking any tour or having a plan to visit Vietnam, travelers should consider to check Vietnam weather for best convenience. Just consult your travel planners or simply log on Accuweather apps in your smart phones or on the web. That will also helps you to decide what type of clothing you should pack for Vietnam.


Coming back to the question mentioned at the beginning. The best time to travel Vietnam is from March to May and September to November as the whole country has decent sunshine with reasonable temperatures. In spring (between January to beginning of March) it is still nice, just a little bit wet. And this is also the high season for tourism in Vietnam. You will see smiles on tour guides’ faces. Well not only tour guides but anyone working in tourism industry in Vietnam.






By Pham Tuyen