There are many backpackers choosing to travel Vietnam by themselves. They just buy their air tickets, fly to Vietnam and try to do everything on their own including learning about a totally different culture like Vietnam. Others choose to be in a group tour under the lead of a tour escort with many other tourists they don’t know. Meanwhile, some like to have service from a professional Vietnam private tour guide who has knowledge of the destinations and acts as a host to show them Vietnam,tells them the insights and interesting stories, not just plain information. Been working enthusiastically as a private tour guide for years, I always get excited to ask my clients, at the end of their trip with me, just this question: “Why do you need a Vietnam private tour guide when traveling in Vietnam”. And the answers never fail to excite me and encourage me to strongly keep my passion for my job.



Our guide Buffalo Joe with his clients



Here are the reason why having a Vietnam private tour guide is always strongly recommended:


  • Guides books, especially about Vietnam, only provide facts and figures. A tour guide is  an insider who can tell you deeply about culture, stories, things that are not mentioned in guide books. I always believe tour guides with their understanding about the destinations, the culture…will give you much more than just reading words.
  • Guides know how to get around the city to maximize your memorable experiences and minimize your wasted time. They can customize an itinerary to suit your particular interests, combining good fun and eye widening experiences. A Vietnam private guide will give you information, insight, interesting stories as well as connection in time, people and places that will make your visit more meaningful.
  • A tour guide is an ambassador of a country who has good knowledge in history, culture, economy. He will then become a bridge to connect you a fresh soul from another country to his home land.


Our guide Pham Tuyen on a Halong bay excursion



  • A Vietnam private tour guide is a professional, knowledgeable man who will provide a unique service: dealing with problems that may occur during your time visiting Vietnam. He is the first one you call and the one who can give solution to the problem right on the spot. He is also the one who minimize problems that tourists could face during their trip in Vietnam.
  • Many people choose a Vietnam private tour guide over a group tour while travel Vietnam. Because they want to have their privacy and would like to have their own adventure without having to be mixed with others. Having a Vietnam private tour guide they can ask him/her about anything they want to know. They will have a tour guide to take care of every single aspect of their time in Vietnam. Privately. Exclusively. Luxuriously. Personally crafted to their travel taste!



Our guide Buffalo Joe having meal with his clients



  • Tourists can waste a lot of time trying to find out what to do where to go on their own. A Vietnam private tour guide is the one who passionate about the work and the region he represents.  A guide can get you into a venue that is not open to the general public or get you a hotel room that just a minute ago they are “fully booked”.  A guide will have in depth knowledge of the region and will steer you away from the “tourist rout”. He or she will show you’re the love of their country that you are a guest. A good Vietnam private tour guide will be a host, a long lost friend, a family member who open their heart for you.



Our Vietnam tour guides in an annual meeting



In my case, I am a Vietnam private tour guide who works as a local expert of Vietnam. I have my private clients from all over the world.  The marvel of being taken off the tourist tracks, out of the path sights, private visit to local artists, information that sometimes our government doesn’t want you to know, getting to know the corners of Vietnam society… so unique that they would never find by themselves.  I love my country and I am giving all my heart to transplant that love to my clients.


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By Pham Tuyen