Unusual Vietnam travel tip


I read a post the other day on the www where someone mentioned it may be useful to bring some blu-talk to stick power point covers to the wall as they can sometimes be loose, especially when using a power adapter. Whether or not it’s applicable in many hotels, I thought it was an interesting point and it’s simple to stick a strip of blu-tak in your bag. Then I questioned myself if there are unusual Vietnam travel tip that is not usually mentioned by guide books or travel forum but can be useful for those who index Vietnam as their next destination.


Transplanting rice in the northwest Vietnam



Unusual Vietnam travel tip list


This first unusual Vietnam travel tip is not only for Vietnam specific but if you’re taking a camera and using SD cards I always recommend writing your name and email details on an A4 piece of paper and photographing it. Never delete this when you transfer photos to an USB or whatever. In the awful situation that you lose your camera (or it is nicked) you have some chance of getting the photos back (even if you don’t get the camera). An alternative to this is to have your details written on a piece of paper and attach it on your camera and hopefully it works. I always think the camera is a big asset but the pictures that memorize your time in Vietnam is not less important.


Second unusual Vietnam travel tip comes from the nowadays’ big demand of using electronic devices: cameras, phones, GPSs, tables, smart watches… Those who greatly lean on electric power to run. And with the day’s itinerary you may have to be separated from the walled electricity outlet to recharge your gadgets. Bring a power bank with you when traveling to Vietnam and it will be handy more than you think. Or you can just simply purchase it anywhere in big cities of Vietnam.



Fishing in the center coast of Vietnam



During your time in Vietnam you may get involved in sporty activities and tours like biking, kayaking or trekking… And there could be chances of having small injuries like scratches or cuts no matter how careful you are. I would also suggest bringing a cream with you against scratches etc. I always have a little first aid kit with me. Plasters are always needed (especially when on a bike).Don’t buy mosquito spray back home, I find the ones you can buy in Vietnam much more effective (with less money to pay). Sun lotion on the other side I always bring with me, as it is more expensive in the sea areas when needed. If you are traveling with a girl, pack Canestan (fungus medicine). It is relatively hard to find in Vietnam. Also a high quality cough syrup, motion sickness pills, Rolaids, etc. That’s another unusual Vietnam travel tip that lots of people don’t know for their preparation.



With the increasingly reports of pocket picking in major tourist destinations in Vietnam, I would buy a little cheap purse where you can put some money in when going out. I always have some spare notes in my pocket, but when paying for something on the street I use the little purse. If someone sees it and steals it, I only loose a little bit money, and no cards etc. And by having some pare notes in my pocket I always have some money for a worst case scenario. This is not trying to draw a dull picture of Hanoi or Saigon street scams but this unusual Vietnam travel tip could save yourself sometimes. Always have a backup plan for your money and plastic cards, don’t end up like some sitting in Vietnam wondering where their next meal is coming from till their plane home.



Bicycles used to be an important mean of transport in Vietnam



Next unusual Vietnam travel tips is for when you plan on riding a motorbike or doing a long cross country motorbike trip. I highly recommend a DOT certified full faced helmet and a good multi-tool. I also brought an oyster shucking knife with me and used it quite a bit. VinMart, a grocery store in Vietnam, sells a bag of fresh oysters for just 60,000VND or 2.5 US$.I bought a $20 patch n go 1st aid kit from the supermarket. The locals ask me if I’m a doctor. It’s about half the size of a small cereal packet. I have used it many times. Bike trips or motorbike trips are extreme and they usually take part in countryside or remote areas where hospitals are hard to find. Always prepare to last until you can find help.



A chain lock could sound weird unusual Vietnam travel tip for your package preparation. But when you are doing Vietnam that involves bike trips or having to carry your luggage around a small chain lock can be useful. You can easily lock a motorbike or suitcase to stop someone walking off with it, but its best to never allow a suitcase out of your sight when you are not in your room.


I also always pack a small flashlight, so in an emergency I don’t have to use my phone.


Those above are the unusual Vietnam travel tip that not so many people pack when they are traveling to Vietnam. If you have space in your suitcases pack those mentioned stuff. They will be a lot more useful when traveling to Vietnam than you think.



By Pham Tuyen