Lotus flower- national flower of Vietnam raising up from the rice field


Well the very first reason to choose Vietnam is this is my home country. And who doesn’t love his home land? Vietnam is where I was born and been living for my whole life now. I’m just in love with my country in every breath, from simple thing like looking at a peaceful river flowing endlessly in between green rice fields to children playing around with dirt on the dyke. That reminds me of my wonderful childhood.


And doing my job as a tour guide giving me many chances to admire the beauty of landscape, the richness in culture of Vietnam. Many of my friends and guests from all over the world admit that Vietnam is one of the most underrated countries in the world, after the trip to our country.And they have their own reasons to choose Vietnam. Since Vietnam is still fairly new in the tourist’s map. It is just a new kid on the block compared to many other destinations in the world that have been having their reputation.  


Many people tend to skip Vietnam which, to me, is a shame as there is too much to see and enjoy here. And we tour guides- those who directly show guests worldwide the beauty of Vietnam have reasons to declare it.


Reasons to choose Vietnam as well as things spoken from the bottoms of my guests who had wonderful time in Vietnam.


Vietnam is truly a beauty. It has a natural beauty of a young girl in the countryside growing up beside rice fields and rivers: simple, natural and charming. This is a country with a civilization and ancient history that bear many historical relics value. It has beautiful landscapes traversed its length from the top of Ha Giang to the toe of Ca Mau. There are sites in Vietnam that have been recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO as Halong Bay, the cave of Phong Nha-Ke Bang, the ancient town of Hoi An...


There are interesting factors in everything you look. From the mountainous areas of the northern part of Vietnam to the flawless beaches in the center; from the rich culture of the 1000 thousands years of Hanoi capital city to the dynamic business center Saigon. From the French colonial influence in cities like Hanoi, Hai Phong, Dat Lat…to the true authentic Vietnamese identity for over 4000 years in the Red River Delta. Very various and so much impressive. No matter where you wander what you do in Vietnam I guarantee you will never be disappointed by what Vietnam has to offer.This is the first and one of the most important reasons to choose Vietnam for many wanderers.


A boy waiting for his parents in the northwest of Vietnam


Beside many beauties Vietnam offers, one of the important reasons to travel Vietnam is Vietnamese people’s friendliness. For years so far Vietnamese have been famed all over the world for our hospitality, politeness, generosity and grace. Traveling to Vietnam, the locals are so friendly that you can rest assured that we will make every possible effort to make your time in Vietnam enjoyable and unforgettable. Wherever you go, from the peaceful countryside to the busy cities, if you need help there’ll be a helping hand. And you don’t speak the language? No worries! As their smiles will do the talks.I believe it’s hard to find better reasons to choose Vietnam than this.


A fisherman in the Mekong river


Vietnam is a very safe country to travel. Walking in the crowded major cities of Vietnam or wandering in the green countryside, taking a night train to the north or finding yourself a lazy time in the sandy beaches of the center…there are nothing to worry about safety. Low crime and friendly people as I said. Well of course there are small stuff like taxi riff off or pocket picking. But I guess that happens everywhere in the big cities of the world. And I’m sure you my well-traveled friends will know best how to avoid it.Among the many reasons to choose Vietnam, this is an encouraging point since it is getting less and less worry free to travel other places of the world.


Have peace of mind traveling in Vietnam, like this water buffalo enjoying his sunset


Vietnam is good for anytime of the year. Basically there are 4 seasons in the north and it is warm with sunshine the whole year in the south. Come to Vietnam for mountains, rice fields and the cities in the cool weather. And save the bays, beautiful sandy beaches of the South Vietnam for the sunny weather of summer. Summer heat is bearable and the winter is not freezing cold, thanks to Vietnam being in the sub-tropical belt.It cannot be any more convenient than this to find reasons to choose Vietnam as you can visit any month of the year.


A green rice field in Thai Binh province north Vietnam


As Vietnam is still a fairly poor country and its currency is quiet weak, the up side of this is the cheapness when traveling in Vietnam. Some may say in big cities and main tourist attraction prices are not that cheap. Yes I agree prices in Vietnam have risen drastically in recent years, especially in major places. However, Vietnam is still known for being one of the more affordable countries to travel in the world, in term of what you’ll get for your money. It is a really bang for the buck place! Tour prices, accommodations, transports, food and drinks, souvenirs…


Backpackers can eat good street food for as low as 3 US$ and have a dorm in the center of Hanoi for 4US$, less than 1 buck for a cold beer on street café. Yes my respected luxury travelers you only add zeros on those prices when you are doing five star services.What a great add on to the reasons to choose Vietnam as your next voyage.


Selling fresh fruits and street food on the street side


One of the main reasons to choose Vietnam is the richness in culture Vietnam offers. As you all may well know for now, Vietnam has centuries-old historical tradition and the influence of Buddhism and other different religions. Thus traditional Vietnamese festivals are very diverse and varied. The Tet-Vietnamese New Year is the most important holiday in Vietnam. It marks the end of a lunar year and the beginning of a new year. No matter who you are what you do, Tet is the time to be with beloved ones.


Everyone gathers, says the most beautiful words to each other, cook good food and get to drink. Aside from Tet festivals you’ll be witnessing different kinds of festival everywhere around Vietnam. At any time of the year you can still be amazed by the unique festivals hosted by the 54 minority groups in Vietnam. Want a festival to go back to your inner heart? Join the Perfume Pagoda festival in Hanoi in spring where you climb the thousands steps to dedicate to Buddha.


Want something wild and impressive? Go to the center highlands of Vietnam to join the water buffalo sacrifice festival where they use swords to kill a buffalo for the sake of good crops. Traveling to Vietnam you will be part of a cultural experience unfound anywhere else in the world.


A music festival in Mai Chau valley


The food in Vietnam should be one of the reasons to choose Vietnam. It is too good to be not listed here. In the North Vietnam they have beautiful Chinese influenced type of cooking. In the Center of Vietnam their cooking is uniquely spicy. Meanwhile Saigon in the South is well known for its best western influenced food found in the country. And never miss street food. That will be a huge factor why you love this country. Finger licking yummy food served by street vendors in the narrow alleys of Hanoi or Saigon where you sit on low stools watching life goes by. That will be your most memorable moment of your time traveling in Vietnam.


Dried fruits on the street side of Hanoi


The beaches in Vietnam are like heavens and cannot be missed in the list of reasons to choose Vietnam. Da Nang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc, Con Dao…they offer beaches that you will love like you never beach before. The beaches are beautifully white, soft sand that imprints your foot, and the sea is crystal clear. You will find yourself lost in heaven lazing around and doing nothing on those beaches. It is safe to swim in most areas too. Planning a bit of a romantic getaway for you and your loved one? How about numbers of top quality resorts along the coast with their own private beach? Candle lit dinner on a rock that protrudes to a quiet corner of a small hill under millions stars just for you? That’s under our reach!


Heavenly beautiful beach in Nha Trang Vietnam


Will that be enough inviting? Will that be enough reasons to choose Vietnam? There is much more to say but I’ll leave it for you to discover more by yourself. Those who already traveled Vietnam will have an even-minded shares. Talk with them and ask them how pleased they were when they traveled Vietnam. And don’t forget to ask them what were their reasons to choose Vietnam. I’m just a tour guide who loves his job and his country too much to say anything bad. Just give me a chance to be a bridge between you and the richness of Vietnam.


Keep on adventuring!



By Pham Tuyen