Whenever we talk about Hanoi, we often talk about the over 1000 years of history. Hanoi has been known as an old capital city of Vietnam with its ancient values and standards. We often talk about the Old Quarter, the French architecture, the long cultural lifestyle... of Hanoian people.


But here in this post I'm going to show you a totally new look of Hanoi: the modern look of Hanoi by night. It is going to be about the modern Hanoi, the skyscrapers, new buildings and new architectures. A picture says a thousand words. Here is a series of pictures of modern Hanoi looked from above, in the night. All pictures are taken and credited by my friends in Hanoi's Panorama and Skyline group.


An absolutely new look of the modern Hanoi by pictures



Hanoi Kengnam tower



Hanoi is now growing to the skies. We have been extending Hanoi both vertically and horizontally. This is Kengnam tower- the highest skyscraper of Hanoi so far.  More and more of these kinds of building are on the way. This is a good solution for the lack of houses and apartments in the developing modern Hanoi.



Hanoi's Electricity Company grand tower



A big contrast of the old and the new, the highs and the lows. I'm seeing here a dynamic modern Hanoi, a growing up city. Yes it is developing, and developing fast. There are around 9 millions of people in Hanoi and they all need a shelter. Apartments are being built in great quantity to supply shelters for that huge population of the modern Hanoi.



Hanoi's Lotte tower



I bet you cannot tell this is Hanoi just by looking at the picture. This looks like a developed city somewhere in the western world. See that crane?  Yes more modern Hanoi's buildings are coming. This is Hanoi's Lotte tower- a shopping mall, office and apartment building looked from the West Lake.



Hanoi's J.W Marriot hotel



Tourism in Hanoi and in Vietnam has been increasing a great deal. More and more people from the world know about Vietnam and want to visit this remote corner of the world. And to welcome you all many new hotels are being built in Hanoi. This is the brand new J.W Marriot hotel, a 5 star hotel built in the new area of Hanoi.




Hanoi Intercontinental Hotel


Looking for combination between the old and the new? Here is a picture of the Hanoi Intercontinental West Lake. It is located in the legendary West Lake with a modern structure. Stay in comfort but feel the tradition!




Nhat Tan bridge



And to welcome travelers from the world we built this brand new Nhat Tan bridge. This was built in the same time with the new Hanoi international airport and Vo Nguyen Giap high way. This help travelers to travel faster and much more convenient to the modern Hanoi.




Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum by night



Back to something traditional? Here is a rare picture of Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in the night. And you can see clearly the Parliament House right in the front. In this area no high buildings are allowed as concern of security.



Hoan Kiem Lake



You have probably walked many times around this lake. But I bet it is a surprise to know this is the famous Hoan Kiem Lake- the very center of Hanoi. This is also a height restricted area. Skyscrapers are not allowed to be built around here. That is a very good idea to keep the traditional and historical area of Hanoi capital city. Together with the modern Hanoi we have to keep our core value as a 1000 year city.



West lake and Truc Back Lake



Another modern Hanoi look. This is Thanh Nien road separating the West Lake and Truc Bach Lake. This is a favorite road for lovers to hang out in the late afternoon and the sunset over the lakes is stunning. The West Lake is also living area for the wealthy in Hanoi.


Those above are some pictures of the modern Hanoi. I bet it is a nice surprise for you to see Hanoi this different. I hope to have chance to take you all to these places mentioned above. Then you can compare the traditional Hanoi and the modern Hanoi.




By Pham Tuyen