Halong cable car is the brand new tourist attraction in the newly built Sun World Halong Park. This is now the highlight of Halong beside the stunning bay.


Halong cable car: a ride over the World Heritage


Halong bay viewed from above



Halong bay has been voted to be one of the 7 new wonders of the world. It is no doubt the most beautiful thing in Vietnam for the magnificent landscape. The classic way to visit Halong is to take a boat trip cruising around the many limestone mountains and spend the night in the bay under the millions stars. Those who want the different angle of Halong bay can either take the seaplane from Hanoi or even helicopter ride to have a totally new view of the World Heritage site from above.


Of course it is some extra bucks to pay for the air ride and it’s not cheap enough that everyone can afford. Good news! Now with the new Halong cable car system it gives everyone the chance to view Halong bay from the sky. Halong bay becomes more attractive than ever for both Vietnamese tourists and foreign travelers with this new Halong cable car system and the nearby Ferris wheel.



Halong cable car starts from Halong city to Hon Gai city



Halong cable car information


Price: 300.000VND (13 US$) for adults and 200.000 VND (9 US$) for children under 1,3m. Free of charge for children under 1 m. This price includes the Halong cable car ride, the ferris wheel and other activities in the complex.



Halong cable car proudly bears 2 world records



Halong cable car is one of a few projects in the Sun World Halong Park that has a large area of 200 ha with many tourist attraction like: theme park, culture village, sea village, water park, restaurants. Among which only the Halong bay is finished building and brought into use since June 2016.It starts from Halong city and ends at the Ba Đèo hill- Hon Gai city. Halong cable car has the total length of 2.222m with only 2 pillars and 2 cabins.


But with the double deck cabin and the big capacity it can carry 2000 person/ hour. Halong cable car has some impressive figures and been given 2 world records by Guinness:


  • Cable car that has the biggest capacity in the world: 230 person/cabin
  • Cable car that has the highest pillar to the ground in the world: 188m



There are only 2 cabins but cabin capacity is huge



Halong cable car’s cabin looks like a huge double deck city bus being held and moving in the sky. Taking the cable car you’ll have chance to look at the totally new view of Halong bay, Ha Long city and Hon Gai city- the impressive look that can only be achieved from seaplane or helicopter.


What can you do after the cable car ride?


Halong cable car will take you from Halong city, over the water of Halong bay to Ba Đèo hill in Hòn Gai city. And in the complex there are other interesting things you can see and do:



The ferris wheel in the theme park



  • The theme park is the destination of Halong cable car. And the ferris wheel is the highlight of this park. Located on the top of Ba Đèo hill, this ferris wheel is recognized as the highest ferris wheel in the world. It’s 215 m to the sea level. Sun ferris wheel has 64 cabins and each cabin can take 6 persons. One rotation takes 15-20 minutes to complete. From these cabins you can even have a better view of all Halong bay, Halong city and Hon Gai city.



The ferris wheel in the night



  • After the ferris wheel you can walk to the Zen Garden. Inspired by the famous Okayama Korakuen garden in Japan, Halong Zen Garden was designed by the well-known architect Bill Bensley. Many old podocarpus (one kind of rare pine trees) are selected and taken from Japan to be planted in the garden. Visitors will have chance to experience the truly Japanese atmosphere right in the heart of Halong bay. A big note: this Zen Garden is still under construction and should be finished by the end of 2016.



James Bond wax in the wax museum



  • In the complex of Halong cable car you’ll also have chance to visit the wax museum. Young people will be excited to see figures of their favorite characters from all over the wall. With life size waxes this will give visitors a good experience.



Here under a few pictures of the whole Halong cable car complex in Halong city, Vietnam.



Bai Chay bridge



Halong ferris wheel and the nearby Bai Chay bridge. Bai Chay bridge was built in the year 2003 to replace the Bai Chay ferry connecting Halong city and Hon Gai city. This is a huge development and makes it way easier for local people to travel between the two cities. Hon Gai city is a big city where local people in Quang Ninh province mainly live. Meanwhile Halong city is more for tourists.



The new Bai Chay beach



With the newly built Sun World Halong Park, Bai Chay beach is also rebuilt and moved to a new area further to the sea. This beach is now much bigger, has nicer sand and opens to public free of charge. This is a view from the new Bai Chay beach to the Halong calbe car and the ferris wheel.



The double deck cabin flies over the boats



The 2 double deck cabins of Halong cable car fly over the Halong port. Halong port is the main port for ocean cruises from all over the world to visit Halong bay and cities in the north Vietnam. There is also a tourist boat port nearly where Halong cruises and boats start from. This boat port is now being moved to Tuan Chau island nearby.


By Pham Tuyen